Gassan Anbar

Green Power 2020

Former local councillor in the Department of Haut de Seine (92) France

Entrepreneur since September 1983 to date:

• 1983-2005 in the field of banking electronic facilities management and Software (ATM,TPE and TPV);

• In parallel, Mr G. Anbar assumes a role of international advisor, particularly on the Arabworld.

• Since 2006 to date, Mr G. Anbar is working in the field of energy, more specifically: Solar,Hydroelectric, Wind Power and grid connection;

• In 2008, Mr G. Anbar established the company GreenPower 2020, it projects the realization of the network connection between Greece, Libya and Egypt, by a submarine cable of

2,000 MW capacity, as first phase

• In 2010, Mr G. Anbar is a co-founder and Executive Vice President of the European initiative "MEDGRID SAS", its mission is to explore the possible electrical interconnections between the European grids and the countries of the south/east of the Mediterranean.

• Mr G. Anbar contributed in the Union for the Mediterranean initiative within the framework of the European Union, launched on 13 July 2008 in Paris, and deeply believes on the common interest bases of a large partnership between the countries around the Mediterranean.

Mr G. Anbar is member and active in many cultural and social associations in France and in Europe.