Lady Olga Maitland

Algeria British Business Council/ British-Algerian Chamber

Lady Olga Maitland, Chair, Algeria British Business Council with responsibility of bridging businesses with Algeria. She is a regular visitor and knows the country since 2005.    

She is also chair of Copenhagen Compliance, UK, specialising in corporate risk and governance. This has lead to her participating in conferences all over the world, currently focusing on cyber security . Lady Olga is also President of Defence and Security Forum which holds regular seminars on foreign affairs and security issues.    

Her background was as a politician serving as a Member of the British Parliament 1992 – 1997 serving in Sir John Major’s government.  She rose to become Parliamentary Private Secretary to Sir John Wheeler, MP, Minister of State for Northern Ireland with responsibility for counter terrorism.  

Lady Olga’s earlier career was as a well known columnist for the Sunday Express Newspaper and frequent broadcaster.